Fall  2015

Women's Retreat




Thank you to a wonderful group of ladies who attended the fall retreat, "I'm ok... even when life isn't."  


The day was filled with insight, caring, words from Lisa Curry, yoga with Steph Poisel, discussion, and finally, scarecrows!


I so appreciate your willingness to join me at Unbridled Acres for the day.  

- Sue


"I thought it was awesome for never being to one before. You leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, a whole new perspective on your life."


"I thought this topic was really good for me and I enjoyed praying with the sweet lady that had been praying for us she was great!! I am so great full for your support and guiding me through my journey Sue your amazing soul!!!"

"It was great to get exposed to yoga, and the area in general was beautiful and very relaxing. Overall, very pleased with my experience-- it was a huge step for me to even show up, so thank you for the opportunity for me to take a day for myself."

"It was a beautiful day to spend outside."

"This retreat offered everything so personally that you connected to not only God and others but to yourself physical, emotional and spiritual. It was a beautiful day! SO GLAD I MADE THE DECISION TO GO...."

"Sue, Lisa, Stephanie, and Julie thank you for your faithfulness to inspire others to deepen their trust and faith in God."

"I thought Sue did an amazing job with this retreat. The theme of this retreat was spot on and she kept to the point no matter what we were doing. It was a great experience."


If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you.