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Life Beyond Series

Sunday, November 26,  2017

2 pm  - 4  pm

Feeling overwhelmed by events from your past?  
This fall take the time to Renew, to Heal, and to Connect.
"Life Beyond" is a healing retreat offered especially for those women who have been severely traumatized by sexual abuse.  Our retreat will be held outside and will include equine therapy.  (No horse experience necessary.)  
"Life Beyond" is designed to provide hope and healing for women who are suffering from PTSD.  PTSD is a disorder that develops in people who have experienced a shocking, scary or even dangerous event(s).  Symptoms can include, but are not limited to, flashbacks, bad dreams, frightening thoughts, staying away from places that are reminders, feeling emotionally numb, feeling strong guilt, depression or worry, losing interest in things that were enjoyable, and having trouble remembering the dangerous event(s).  
Nature.  Quiet.  Fall.    A time to release.   
Our focus will be to meet you where you are.  We will not engage in conversation about the events that have occured in your past.  Instead, we will focus on helping you connect the dots between what has happened in your past and the challenges you face in the present.  We will help you put together a strategy to take ownership of your choices and to find empowerment in your life.  
"Life Beyond" will focus on your well being, your emotional balance,  your thought patterns, and your relationship with God.  
This fall take a moment to be grateful and to discover all that God has to offer you. We hope you join us!

This is the fifth retreat event in this series.  

We will have new activities and new discussion points; an entirely new retreat!

Join us for the first time or join us again!

Cost for the retreat is $50.   All participants must be    pre-paid.   

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If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you.
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