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The Power of Influence 

September 21, 2019                  8:30 am - 4 pm

~Join us for a powerful day of self discovery~

This day is designed for those who wish to dig deeper and learn about their own personal style of thinking, feeling and acting and learn how to use that style in the workplace, in the community and in the home.  


What is your inner motivation?  What is your style?  What is your power of influence?  

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A tool for self awareness that awakens and celebrates your FULL potential!



The Enneagram is a profound and practical system of personal and spiritual growth based on 9 pathways of motivation.  Each person has a “home base” and each “home base” has a potential to unlock the truest YOU!  


The Enneagram helps you to understand yourself better and gives specific tools to unlock and celebrate your gifts.  Discovering your Type leads to increased confidence, better relationships and greater peace in life.



Together, we will journey through the 9 Types to explore and help to determine your “home base”.  We will also use a questionnaire to help guide the process.  From there, we will look at the highest potential of each number and look at specific examples to use in your own journey.



Anne Ginn is faculty member at Creighton University where she teaches the Enneagram to graduate students. She created Enneagram Incites to share her passion for this transformative tool at retreats, workshops and in corporate settings and individual coaching and spiritual direction. 


Anne’s interest in the Enneagram began in 1998 during her studies at Creighton where she discovered the power of the system for unleashing potential in her own life. After doing thesis work on the Enneagram, Anne began using the system with individuals, companies, faith communities and treatment centers.


Anne received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and marketing from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Masters or Arts from Creighton. She enjoys travel, scuba diving, Bikram yoga, cooking and knitting.


M.A., Creighton University

Certified Integrative Enneagram Practitioner

Certified Spiritual Director

If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you.
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