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Looking for a change of pace with your corporate team building strategy?  No more personality tests!  No more motivational speakers!  Instead ENGAGE your employees in direct learning activities.  

Tailored to your event, activities your team may take part in include:

  • equine activities for individual and/or groups

  • obstacle courses

  • hiking

  • group therapy

  • individual writing activities

  • bon fires

  • eating and relaxing to increase team bonding, connecting and understanding each others assets and liabilities

  • and much more!


Your Event

What are your goals?  

What is your organization, team or department struggling with?

What do you hope to discuss?

What do you need to accomplish during this event?

We listen to what you need!  Each corporate team building event is custom built for the client we are serving.  Just sending team leaders?  We can handle that.  Dealing with personality conflicts?  Undermining?  Fears of taking on new roles?  We will tackle the issues you currently face.  

Tell us what you need us to know to better assist you in achieving your goals.  

Planning Your Day
Corporate References

Corporate References


Unbridled Acres is pleased to have held team building sessions with many local organizations and sports teams.  If you would like to personally speak with members of their organizations, please contact us and we will direct you.  

"Thank you so much for the outstanding experience you and Darren provided our team yesterday! The activities, message, and information you both shared was powerful! You gave us a playbook and more importantly a belief that we can achieve the impossible for every student and family in Blair Community Schools. Today, more than ever, I am enthusiastic to get us moving on developing and carrying out a new improved identity. We couldn’t have started on this journey without you and Darrin’s expertise and guidance."  

--Dr. Randal Gilson, Superintendent, Blair Community Schools

"Our day at Unbridled Acres was well spent.  I have been looking for ways to engage my team and for them to realize the potential in one another.  Sue's leadership directed us throughout the day.  Highly recommended."

"This type of training would be great for any type of team building - corporate, sports teams, and youth groups."

"This was the best day ever.    I am so glad that we did this."  

"I was so uncomfortable with the thought of spending the day with horses.  I am a city gal!  Sue and the others made us all comfortable and before long I forgot that I was nervous.  Anyone can take part in this training and learn a ton."

"This day at the farm was remarkable.  We learned so much about each other and ourselves.  I got to know my co-workers much better." 

"I feel like I understand my  co-workers better than ever."  

If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you.
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