Testimonial Statements...

     "When I arrived at Unbridled Acres and saw the horses up close, I was scared. They seemed to be so massive, yet beautiful. Sue told me to choose a horse to work with. I choose Princess.

     The staff was showing me how to put the harness on princess, while I was trying that, me and the horse came eye to eye. As I saw tenderness and calm in her eyes my fear turned to trust .

     Then it was time to walk the horse, time to take the lead.  I never took the lead or walked ahead of anyone, ever.  Somehow I took hold of confidence and I led this massive, beautiful, tender horse.

     After the walk, as I was brushing princess I felt so different than when I arrived.  I felt uplifted and saw hope where there wasn't any before.  And I learned, it was PRINCESS who walked me down a path that I wouldve NEVER walked alone.

     The experience at Unbridled Acres with Princess didn't just last for the hour or so - it has reached progressively into my future and will eternally." 

                          - Female.  Age 66

p. s . I miss you Princess      

"I came to Unbridled Acres without ever working with horses before and that

was a scary thing for me in the beginning.  I’m pretty sure I spent the

entire first session  just trying to halter Princess and that really

bothered me.  In my first few weeks, I felt like I needed to be perfect at

everything and just get the challenges done to say I did them instead of

stepping back and seeing the real reason for the activity and what it was

teaching me. But as the months went on, I changed so much. I overcame fears and let go of things that I never knew even existed before. I accepted the real and beautiful me that God created and was able to look in the mirror

and see her instead of the fake image of perfection that had been drawn in

my mind. There wasn’t one time that I didn’t look forward to seeing Sue and

being able to just sit and talk – most of the time it was just like having

a normal conversation and that meant the world to me. Being able to go to

Unbridled Acres and connect with the horses was such a blessing! Sue has

some great gifts to share and I truly believe that anyone who goes there

will leave feeling  like a new person; fearless and ready to take on any

obstacle in life."

                         - D.  Age 14

I like brushing the horses and the smell of horses. I like hearing how the horses are like us. The horses are big and I am small, but I feel brave with them. Other kids should go to the farm."
                          - Ryan    Age 7

"My experiences at Unbridled Acres have been all very positive.  I had never been around horses before, and was hesitant to work with them, but Sue and her assistant made me feel very comfortable and safe.  My anxiety and fear of failure had taken over my life and I didn’t realize it until I started working with the horses. All of my emotions, that I had held in for so long, came pouring out of me.  Ever since I started going to Unbridled Acres, I have become much more aware of myself, and how to deal with my emotions.  While working with the horses, you really have to have a “take charge” kind of attitude -which is something I have always struggled with in the past. After my first visit, I learned how to be more assertive and not stand in the shadows.  I now feel more confident in myself and feel as if I can take on the world.  Also, after my first visit to Unbridled Acres, I knew that this was the therapy for me.  I didn’t have to talk about my problems, if I didn’t want to. It was all about my connection with the horses and after every session, I walked away with more confidence and more weight off my shoulders." 

                        - Ashley   Age 21

"I am happy there (at Unbridled Acres), and when I leave I don't worry as much. I like talking with Sue, she tells me lots of things about the horses and how they get scared just like me."
                           - Courtney    Age 9

"I never understood how much I had in common with a horse until I started equine therapy at Unbridled Acres. Fear and anxiety ruled my life. I never saw how much, or the affects of it until I started therapy. Being spooked by the world around me, running from that, or being balled up in anger were my only things I would fall back on, leaving me to feel like a worthless, horrible person. My pattern has been in motion for years. It has affected me, and everything that is in my world, most importantly my parenting. Equine Therapy has changed me and how I deal with these issues, simply by working with the horses. I have learned  to trust and believe in MYSELF. This is one thing that I believe every person and family should try. I have changed and so has the entire way I parent. 
Working as a family through group projects gives you a whole new perspective on the uniqueness of each child. Sue is an absolute angel and has blessed me and my family with the gifts that God has given her.  They will bring healing in your world however they can. We like to call our days at equine therapy, 'horse camp.' It is a blast and everyone comes out with a changed heart!"
                           - K

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I am a city girl who has never been around horses nor have I ever heard of equine therapy until I went to Unbridled Acres. I was a skeptic that horses could teach me anything about myself. My first visit Sue had me pick a horse & harness it with no help from her or staff. I had no clue what to do so for over 20 minutes I struggled & was getting frustrated to the point I said I give up...I quit...I can't do this little did I know in that 20 minutes it taught me I have no patience I let my fear get the best of me & I did not trust myself. each activity I did with the horses was different & focused on my behaviors & how it affects my daily life and relationships. What I did not know was how much alike horses & humans are. If I was anxious so was the horse if I was calm so was the horse if I was sad the horse comforted me....each activity I did the horses taught me something about myself that I didn't know or how I handled a situation. They taught me how to react not overreact that my decision making was not always healthy.


The activities with the horses were geared toward every emotion I was feeling whether it be anger happiness fear anxiety. The staff made sure I understood the activity and why I was doing it...every experience I had at Unbridled Acres has been very positive...I felt safe...I trusted Sue...I wasn't judged I was able to be myself & I always left there feeling refreshed & like a whole new person...I couldn't wait for my next visit just so I could work with the horses that I fell in love with the ones that made me feel more confident strong trust myself and my decisions helped me become the person I knew I wanted to be yet lost myself along the way....not only was I becoming a better person I knew it was time to introduce my family to Unbridled Acres as we were falling apart & they refused talk therapy...we worked with the horses as a family doing each activity together we learned we didn't know how to communicate with each other nor were we listening to each other....today I can happily say we are not fighting as much...communicating more...listening to each other...laughing more...spending time together...acting like a family & not strangers...


I never knew how much equine therapy or horses could impact ones life until I started going to Unbridled Acres...Sue was given a special gift from God & she uses it in everything she does...even if you are looking for a small change in yourself...your family...your kids...I would highly recommend Unbridled Acres as it was the best decision I ever made for myself & my family.

                                                                                             - C.  

If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you.