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the attribute of the strong  ~  the greatest form of love ~  an attitude of healing


Fall Women's Retreat

Saturday, Sept 29, 2018

10 am - 4 pm  lunch included

Have you experienced a devastating loss or felt stymied in a difficult relationship

with an ex, parent, child, sibling, friend – or perhaps even yourself?

Have you felt powerless in it?

Do you wonder if the sadness, anger and resentment will ever end?

Are you ready to have it be different?


If you are ready for lasting change, join us for our Fall Women's Retreat, "Forgiveness."


Held in a beautiful rural setting, a sanctuary for body and soul, this is a time for self-care and profound healing. Bring your greatest challenges. Leave with new tools and resources, and more love, wholeness, and inner peace than you may have imagined was possible!


Learn the steps of forgiveness in an afternoon, practice forgiveness for a lifetime.



At this retreat, you will have the opportunity to listen to the testimony of other women who have found the courage to forgive others for things that were done to them and listen to the testimony of other women who found the courage to forgive themselves for things they have done.


You will learn a structured forgiveness process that can be applied to any type of conflict or painful situation. You will not just learn about this highly effective process, you will have the opportunity to apply it to your own life.


You will have the opportunity to feel what its like to be accepted as you are, surrounded by people who will listen to you compassionately, without judgment.


Bring your greatest challenges and deepest hurts, and learn how to resolve them – for once and for all.



This retreat will give you opportunities to:

  • Resolve difficult and persistent issues

  • Decode recurring emotional patterns and themes

  • Discover and heal core wounding

  • Align yourself with your higher self and purpose

  • Rediscover inner peace, joy, freedom and self-love



Whatever you are dealing with — from family and relationship issues, workplace conflicts, divorce and more – you will discover, step by step, how forgiveness can provide a pathway to inner and outer peace.


This is much more than just another retreat. It is the turning point you’ve been waiting for.

If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you.
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