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Tough      Real      Authentic      Confident

Junior High is hard.  
Do you wish you could provide  your daughter an extra hand in navigating those years?  
Thru equine work, real life examples, group discussions
and  activities, we will
confront the issues
girls ages 11-14 face.  
We will provide them the tools to become Tough, Real, Authentic and Confident young ladies.
WHO:  Girls, ages 11-14
WHEN:  Fall 2016
Read the messages from past
T.R.A.C. Academy participants and parents

"TRAC was a lot of fun.  I especially liked working on the barn.  No one thought we could do it, but we did!"

"Sue is funny!  I really want to come back again."

"What I liked about TRAC is that I heard that other girls were thinking the same things as me."

"I liked being with girls that didn't really know me.  I could just be honest and talk to them."

"TRAC is the best!  I would recommend this to everyone.  I had so much fun and learned a lot, too."  

"I would encourage all parents of junior high age girls to consider this program.  I feel it gives the girls a huge confidence boost.  My daughter brings up lessons she learned from the camp on a regular basis.  Great opportunity for them." 

"With no hesitation, I would tell parents to sign their daughter up for TRAC.  It is completely worth the cost.  You won't be disappointed."  

If it doesn't challenge you,
it won't change you.
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